What is Xelda?

Xelda is a payments app that enables you to receive tips, donations and payments. It is easy to use and 100% transferable. The app can help you increase your payments in an increasingly cashless society.

How does it work?

Simply download the app from the app store and sign up. Once you have filled in the basic required details you can start receiving payments immediately via your QR code. Show your QR code to your customer so they can scan it with their phone. A pop up web page will appear on the customer’s phone where they can decide the amount to pay. The customer can then pay with apple pay, google pay or a credit card. Watch the funds immediately arrive in your Xelda wallet. It’s very easy to receive tips, donations and payments.

How do I payout my tips, donations and payments to my bank account?

You will need to add your bank account information to be able to payout funds. We use Stripe to ensure that all funds are secure and accounts verified. The verification process is managed by Stripe and takes between 2-3 days. Once this is completed you are free to transfer your funds.

Who needs the app?

Only the person receiving payment needs to have the app downloaded. It’s great, your customers don’t need to download anything!

Who do I contact if I need help?

Please send an email to [email protected] and the team will respond to your enquiry shortly.

How many QR codes can I have?

You can have as many QR codes as you like!

Can I customise my payments page?

Absolutely! You can configure your payments page as you like. You can add an image, decide which amounts to display, display percentage tip amounts and decide which amount is the default option.

Can I order merchandise?

Yes you will receive some cool free merchandise with your first QR code! For all other enquiries and orders with regards to merchandise please contact the team at [email protected] with your request.

Who can use the app?

Anyone! The app can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere. We are accessible to all. You will just need a smartphone and a bank account to start receiving and withdrawing payments.

How do payouts work?

You can payout a minimum of €10 from your Xelda account to your bank account. Funds become available to payout 7 days after receipt.



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