Cashless Tipping

Increase tips by 70%. Split tips amongst staff. Personalise tipping page 

No Cash, No Worries

Personal Personalise your tipping page. Share your Xelda QR code or Xelda link easily via printed merchandise, email, whatsapp or text. 

Receive notifications when anyone tips. Track funds in real real time. 

Operate pooled tipping? We’ve got you covered. Xelda automates the splitting of funds across team members. Say goodbye to admin.

How it Works

Tipping made simple


Customers scan your QR code.


Customers then land on your tipping page and select the amount to tip.

Xelda supports Apple and Google pay. All payments are secure and powered by stripe.


Receive your tips directly into your wallet.

Track your tips and donations in real time.


1 Account
  • Transaction Fee: 25c + 1.4% ex VAT
  • Clients cover the fee 99% of the time

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