Make one-off, recurring & instalment payments

A flexible payments and operations platform for all businesses. Keep on top of your business payments with our customisable payment request dashboard. Offer payment choice. Take deposits. Split payments into parts. Track every payment. Get paid faster.

B2B Payments as they should be: Free

Pay By Bank is free. Eliminate card processing fees when your customers select the 'Pay By Bank' payment option. Pay by Bank is an instant bank transfer with no IBAN entry. Customers are redirected to their banking app to authenticate the purchase. You receive the funds immediately.

Xelda also supports card and direct debit payments.

Reduce Your Credit Exposure.

Stop chasing late payments. Automatic reminders and chasers will enable your business to get paid faster.

Credit is core to your proposition. Scale and onboard new clients faster than ever with Xelda. Validate and cross check trade and credit history with only a link. Xelda makes establishing net terms and risk thresholds simple.

Your Business Finance Engine

Cash Visibility

Connect your bank accounts and view real time transaction data . Gain actionable insights via automatic categorisation. Manage all of your cash under one roof.

Automated Reconciliation

Replace your admin heavy and error prone reconciliation process with Xelda. Payments are automatically reconciled as soon as they are paid. Receive real time updates.

Working Capital

Maximise your cash flow. Smooth operations. Xelda provides quick access to finance. Unpaid invoices and bills to pay ? Xelda is your solution.

Integrations For Every SME

Build your business with ease.

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