Accept Payments with No Fees

Xelda connects with over 5000+ banks and supports card and direct debit payments.

Bulk Pay Invoices & Salaries

Sort, pay and reconcile all invoices received by vendors and payslips in Xelda in seconds. 

Your Business Finance Engine

Automated Reconciliation

Replace admin heavy and error prone reconciliation process with Xelda. Payments are automatically reconciled as soon as they are paid. Receive real time updates.

Cash Visibility

Connect your bank accounts and view real time transaction data . Gain actionable insights via automatic categorisation. Manage all of your cash under one roof.

Working Capital

Maximise your cash flow. Smooth operations. Xelda lets you pay your invoices and payslips with a credit card. The recipient received the amount in full via bank transfer.

Integrate with your Software

Xelda ensures that your accountancy software and Xelda are always  in sync. Xelda integrates with over 10+ accountancy softwares. Xelda also integrates with outlook and gmail to pull invoices and statements. 

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